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Cremation Jewelry Rings made from solid opal cores and sterling silver inserts.  leafs and a lemon

The Heavenly Opal Collection

Welcome to the Heavenly Opal Collection.

Heavenly Opal rings were designed By  Ken, the Owner of  Cremation Creations. Each piece is handcrafted.  We start with a beautiful slab of opal and core it to a rough size. It is precisionly cut on a lathe to accept a ring insert, by it be silver, gold, titanium, ceramic white or black, wood or stainless steel. Before it is assembled a special channel is created on the inside of the core to accommodate a small number of ashes.  Once assembled, the ring is again put on the lathe to bring it close to shape.  To finish off the finished look we will complete the ring to size with hours of sanding.  Each ring can take up to 7 hours to make.

How it works

Ring insert heavenly opal small.jpg

Select Desired Ring Core 

Heavenly opal 1.jpg

Select Opal Slab

Cremation Insert ring.jpg

We Precision Cut Opal and Ring to match with Ashes inlaid 

About the Opal

Heavenly Opal, opal is a new product in the manufactured opal market.

Heavenly Opal is a heat-hardened resin with a mixture of silica in a short period of time. Due to their formation feature, it is also named as "Resin Colloidal Imitation Opal." Different from lab-grown synthetic opal with high silica percentage, it only contains 25% of silica. It could also be described as Opal-like-plastic (OLP) as this is a new plastic material with a color change effect.

Heavenly Opal is an exciting product as it displays a wave of color change like aurora borealis, so some people also called it "Aurora kind opal." Heavenly Opal displays a Marble Opal color pattern that is very irregular. It is tough to have a standardized color range for mass production, mainly when applied to small-size designs.

Heavenly Opal Color Chart 

Heavenly opal 1.jpg
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